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Snowbird Season Car Transport


Snowbird Season has begun. With the influx of clients looking to go south for the winter, most drivers are being rerouted and prices are changing depending on the direction your going. Make sure to call 888 553 5802 to help explain the changes this season. As always be careful with Scammers out there offering outrageously low prices.

Car Transport Do's and Dont's



* Ask about hidden fees such as cancellation or rescheduling.
* Ask if terminals or truck transfers will be involved. This 
increases transit time and the chance of damages occurring.
* Ask what the broker fee is. This can greatly affect your total 
price and the chances of a carrier inquiring about your vehicle.

* Pay an upfront deposit until you are assigned a specific carrier
* Shop by price alone. Instead, shop by reputation
* Fall victim to brokers who pretend to be carriers or tell you 
only what you want to hear
* Give anyone your credit card information without doing your 

New Fleet

We are excited to announce we recently expanded our network of trucks, to meet the increased demand for our shipping services.

Frequently Told Lies

  1. We have a truck in your area
  2. A deposit is required its the law
  3. We own our own trucks
  4. Your money is 100% refundable
  5. Thats not a contract your signing its just to verify addresses etc.
  6. Without a deposit truckers wont take the load seriously
  7. The trucker we had for you broke down
  8. I Guarantee this price wont change
  9. There is no cancellation fee


Dont get fooled by the rest go with the best. These lies are more common than you think and chances are you've been told one of these already. Dont give any money upfront and dont sign any one sided contracts let us take care of this for you and provide a great experience doing it! Contact us now


Special Offers

Mention you saw us online to receive 10% off your next shipping estimate!

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Tel: 888-553-5802

Business Hours

We are open during the following hours:

 Mon-Fri   9-7

 Saturday 9-4

 Sunday   Email or Call

Special Offers

We offer all sorts of discounts to help fit your budget including Military, Student, AARP, AAA, Ebay, Dealer and Auction Pricing.

Give us a call for a detail car shipping quote and we will try to work within your budget while still providing top notch 5 star service.

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